Special thanks to Patty Olmsted


We thank the following professional symphony orchestras for their public endorsements:


We also give thanks to the following businesses and individuals whose financial support helps students attend the festival:

Kerr Violins (Portland)
Classic Pianos (Portland)
Optimist Club (Newport)
Wilder Homes (Newport)
Local Ocean Seafoods (Newport)
Agate Beach Golf Course (Newport)
Aging Wisely with Heartfelt Hands (Newport)
Buddy Puckett, Pacific Residential Mortgage (Salem)
Flaviano Reyes, JMTL Reyven Co. (Portland)
Fischer, Hayes, Joye & Allen, LLC (Salem)
Jim Charnholm
Kathleen F. Hinz
Patti Littlehales
Diane Taylor

With special thanks to:

Newport Nazarene Church